Input for mod. options 1290 GT

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Re: Input for mod. options 1290 GT

Postby DaveNZ » Tue Aug 01, 2017 9:38 pm

Simonp wrote:Dave I'm just north of Auckland with a 1290 SDR 16 model. I see you have the GT but used to have the SDR. Wondering about your thoughts on electronic suspension vs the Old school version. Mrs doesn't ride any more so that convenience switch doesn't really matter to me. I have dialled in sag properly on the rear and twiddled around with damping until I found the best compromise, but still find the bike feels a little loose and wallowing at speed. The trade off I guess is that it does ok with the crappy roads we ride here in NZ. Also a lot better after I fitter a Hyperpro damper to replace the weedy stocker.

I did have electronic suspension on a Beemer S1000R but never quite got it working, was either too soft or too harsh (sound like Goldilocks, sorry). Dealer reckoned it was because I'm only 72kgs and need to eat more sausages...

Anyhow, thinking about taking GT for a test ride to get the feel but it's too brief, so wondering now you have had the GT a while, how does it compare? Also wondering if I should go slightly firmer springs instead like the 17 model

Hi Simonp, hey first off, i really liked the suspension on the 2014 1290R SD, I'm around 76Kg, and the spring rates were perfect for me, i see you have checked your rider sag measurements, from factory, i measured 39mm rider sag front (its non adjustable preload, but was spot on for me) rear measured 45mm (what the fook) 3 full turns of preload (from memory) now measured 35mm rider sag, this changed the bikes characteristic, more stable in fast sweepers under acceleration. the balance of the bike was far better, i also did more than 12 track days on the SD, it was awesome, and mega fun. OK the 1290GT........well it depends what your looking for in a bike. The GT is really a fast tourer, the suspension is such a compromise that the true sporting ability of the origonal SD has gone. Im still coming to grips with this bike, I've travelled 10,000Ks now, and I'm still scratching my head as to whether i made the right decision in trading the 1290R on the GT. when I'm on my own cruising, the suspension is amazing, Street mode-soft supple, soaks up everything, 120-130K cruising easy and comfortable, then theres the saturday morning gumbal rally with the mates, ok sports mode for full power-sus setting in sport mode, the bike handles nice, but higher speeds, and a not so perfect road, and the bike moves around, in sports mode sus setting, the bike is a softer set up than the previous SD. its very comfortable, but there is that little thought in my head that this bike doesn't handle totally expectantly when pushing it harder. It does go fast, but theres that hint of unexpectancy. i love the bike, and have adjusted my riding to suit it, where as on the SDr, i had no qualms about riding it to my limit. At the end of the day, the GT is a fast tourer, and anybody who buys this bike, should expect compromises from it. Its NO sports bike, but its a fuken comfortable fast tourer, that can run with some fast company. its very easy to live with, it gets lots of comments, like "man thats the perfect bike" its well made like the SDr, and it has bags, big plus, i like to travel, i just got back from 4 days of Northland roads, and no aches or pains from big days in the saddle, its a great bike, but its no out ant hoon bike like the SDr. hey hope this is of some help. Dave.
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Re: Input for mod. options 1290 GT

Postby Simonp » Wed Aug 02, 2017 7:08 am

Cheers that is helpful; would love to test ride the 17 SDR with firmer springs but no demos around. Dealer told me it makes no sense as they will only sell about a dozen but then I did get a ride on the new Tuono (prefer my 1290 but the Ohlins were awesome, firm but supple)

I have the clip on bags on 1290 and mostly do faster solo rides; have to say I love my SDR, might take it to a suspension shop to figure how to get that ohlins feeling without spending ohlins money

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Re: Input for mod. options 1290 GT

Postby huge » Sat Oct 21, 2017 11:31 pm

Hi Renè,

have you installed these finally?
Rottweiler st.4, with PCV and ign. Module.
Slipon akrapovic
Arrow decat.

This combo seems awesome and I would be appreciated if you may share your experiences.

Thanks in advance.

Elsner wrote:
DaveNZ wrote:Well I've ordered a black Remus muffler, link pipe, and a plug which goes into the actuator to fool the computor into thinking is operating as normal, now i hope the fueling isn't too lean, as i wait for open mapping to come out.

Hi DaveNZ

From Where did you get the plug to disconnect the exhaust servo?
I just got my 2017 sdr 1290R, and have the same "problem"..
I'm not gonna have the KTM Akra map.. (I'll lose my warranty here in Denmark, if I get the map, without having the akrapovic evo sys)

I'm going for:
Rottweiler st.4, with PCV and ign. Module.
Slipon akrapovic
Arrow decat.

If anyone can help, it would be great.. :D



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