Anyone hear this new exhaust called OOPArts?

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Anyone hear this new exhaust called OOPArts?

Postby Kcal » Mon Aug 28, 2017 2:24 am

Not affiliated with this group at all just a KTM obsessed fool that scours YouTube for new 1290 videos.

As a 2017 owner it will require flapper removal which I'm not sure I want to do but boy oh boy this sounds and looks good (to me at least).

The more times I listen to it the closer to my wallet it comes. Just realised the video was uploaded like 40 minutes ago so unlikely anyone here has seen it yet.

Great view of the single sided swing arm like the austin hi mount, great sound like Akra evo, cheaper then both by like 75%.

Right now I'm rocking the Akra slip on and really it is a wonderful sound and factory certified parts so I'm hesitant to switch. Isn't the flapper also responsible for a bit of the increased HP for 2017 and low end grunt. I'm generally a "engineers made this like this for a reason" person so not in a hurry to mess up my bike for a cool sound.
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Re: Anyone hear this new exhaust called OOPArts?

Postby Savage » Thu Sep 28, 2017 9:30 pm

I've contacted them via face book, I'm considering this or the Comp Werkes exhaust.
Only difference for me is ability to have a removable baffle / db killer.
OOParts replied a few days later to my query and mention they now have a tip that lets you have baffles. I've asked if they have a link to this and where to buy.
This was two days ago now, still waiting. If no answer I'll go the Comp Werkes.

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