From 990R to 1290R

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From 990R to 1290R

Postby 990RR » Mon Jun 11, 2018 8:44 am

Hi guys.
4 years has past since i sold my 990R
Had couple of cool bikes since that.
But something had me on the new 1290 after i rode my buddys.

Good to be back





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Re: From 990R to 1290R

Postby Scotty » Mon Jun 11, 2018 11:07 am

Welcome back to the brotherhood :D
Wheelies - they ARE big, and they ARE clever....

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Re: From 990R to 1290R

Postby Black Out » Mon Jun 11, 2018 4:00 pm

All great bikes.
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Re: From 990R to 1290R

Postby twinrider32 » Thu Jun 14, 2018 6:00 pm

Im doing the same 990R 2008 - a modded TL1000 S/R Hybrid in between - test rode Tuono and SDR1290 and as good a bike as the Tuono is im on the lookout for a 1290 ;)

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From 990R to 1290R

Postby Sarasota_Steve » Sun Jun 17, 2018 9:43 pm

I've got a bit of a story to tell you.

When I was a 13 or 14 y/o young lad, back in Ireland, I realised my wiener was for more than peeing. Man I could not leave that thing alone! Morning, when I came back from school, night before going to bed. Damn I used to spank my monkey. It felt great so why not do it?
Most of my friends were 1 or 2 years older. At that age, 2 years is a lot. They used to tell me that they had hooked up with girls and were having sex. I had a buddy of mine that asked me to smell his fingers after a night of passion with his girlfriend and I thought to myself - I don't have a car, I don't have money, I can't ask a girl out because I can't take her anywhere - So life went on, making my socks stiff nightly until one day, I picked up a girl, one thing lead to another and after a few dates: SEX. Holy shit that was so much better than Wanking! DAMN!. There we titties, and ass, and tongue, and sucking this and that. THAT IS AWESOME! I thought.

Welcome to the 2018 SDR1290.

Yes, a 990 and a 990R are great bikes. They accelerate, they brake, they turn. They have LOTS of soul!. But you know when you go from Wanking to sex?. From having to get up to change the TV channels to having a remote control? Or when you had to crank down your car's window to having electric windows? You get the idea. This is similar.

I rode approximately 80 miles today, I left my house at 8 and it was 80F and when I returned at 10 it was already 89F

I love the up/down quickshifter.
the mirrors DO NOT vibrate
I'm only able to rev up to 6500prm until 600 miles or so.
gear indicator in the TFT display.
yeah, riding modes, ABS, TC, slipper clutch they call it (MSR - Motor Slip Regulation), self canceling turn signals they call (ATIR - Automatic Turn Indicator Reset)
It has a USB port for charging below the seat.
It has 2 different ACC1 and ACC2 ports (One set below the seat and one inside the nose mask)
You can set up the MY RIDE and connect your phone and headset, so if you are doing navigation, the screen becomes a map and it can give you turn by turn directions.
And that engine. Holy mother of god. Pulls clean from 3k, like I've read here before 6th is pretty much useless unless you're going really fast and want to save fuel.
Computer trip with speed averages, fuel consumption, cruise control, tyre Pressures on your dashboard! Keyless engine start. keyless fuel cap and steering lock.
KTM has gone above and beyond with this one.

I am SO guilty of having given 1290 owners a hard time. I was a the dealership yesterday about to sign paperwork thinking I was going to catch shit from you guys.

After only 80 miles, I'm highly impressed. I hope the bike keeps impressing me for years to come.
Ride Hard,
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