Just came in to pay respects...

A tribute to members who are no longer with us, but will never leave our hearts and minds.
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Just came in to pay respects...

Postby Dutch » Thu Jun 26, 2008 9:55 pm

Think about Dr F occassionaly, even though I only knew him online for a very short time. Remembering helps me make sure I get home safe to the kids.

Let's keep this section alive.

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Postby jehadjoe » Fri Jun 27, 2008 10:49 pm

Dutch, I too think of him often.... what my eye sees in this forum is "absent friends", yes he is absent, joe is a funny one?.... :roll:

maybe it is cos I am so old, i am not sure why, I do not like change so much, it was hard for me to accept F was gone, I still find it hard to swallow.

I think of him whenever a car pulls out in front of me, I will think.... wonder just how it happened, how could he have avoided it?...

as I was searching for days on end inside this forum for his picture, I read allot of his posts, he would often refer to his honda that he left us on as the

"death trap" I would think.... yeah, my friend you hit that one on the head. I really miss him terribly,, still, it is a huge void in my life, I miss him so badly it hurts.

since this has happened, I ride more defensively, I think that it is the car against the bike, we usually loose if contact is made, I always feel sorry for

the family's, I have had 3 dear friends die from this sort of thing, Tony being one of the 3.

joe is sentimental.... I cherish friendship, a high value I do place on this. He is sorely missed by one small... :cry:

unfortunately, death is a part of life, it can not be ignored or postponed, when our time comes we will also go.

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what is going on

Postby wrebitup » Mon Jul 21, 2008 6:03 am

the same week two fellow bikers down and out ,one our friend DR F and my parents neigbor a semi pro dirt bike racer, the guys were out and passed a water truck on a short streach of gravel and being a perfect day for biking another group of dirt riders was coming the other way the lot of em head on collided top gear was worn by all ,but wasnt enough,we lost another rider that day and his friend is never leaving hospital ,his room mate was critical but ok now and has to move from budies house ,couple guys from other direction were over night in hosp but ok .the lead bike a yz450 fit in a garbage bag we have all used those trails and skipped down the 1km of road that was put in on an existing atv trail from when I was 17 years old .
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