Stalling...not any more!

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Stalling...not any more!

Postby lobster » Fri Mar 02, 2012 8:49 am

Right then....

I had a PCV installed and tuned on Wednesday, along with O2 eliminators. I can report a vast improvement. Previously my bike was an absolute pig when cold, stalling, bogging and generally running like a bag of shit until fully warmed up. Since fitting the PCV I've commuted it into work deliberately driving when cold and its run perfectly. Not a hint of bogging and stalling. This isn't a fluke, mine was such a bitch I'd have had several stalls in any 48hr period. So.......I think it's fixed.....fingers crossed.
Install and set up was done by these guys
Can't recommend them highly enough.
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Re: Stalling...not any more!

Postby blb » Fri Mar 02, 2012 9:02 am

Good to hear Lobster! Mine is going for tuneecu setup in a months time so should be just as good hopefully!

I just tested mine last night with the external fuel filter and baffle foam, progressive throttle and 2 teeth larger rear sprocket too. Goes like a train! :twisted:
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Re: Stalling...not any more!

Postby Vortex155 » Thu Apr 19, 2012 1:53 pm

After lots of efforts I only must admit that going for the akra with 102db or the JCE with 104db together with the open 2031mapping is the only way to get things fixed with the stalling issues...recieved a stall out of nowhere yesterday riding tru heavy slowing queing traffic jam round Antwerp, it took me by surprise almost crashed it again...think it also got something to do with air pressure, last time I rode the bike out it was 18°C and sun was shining, yesterday it was rainy and low air pressure.
i also raised my idle speed to 1800rpm's even that wasn't enough.

next big buy is a slipper clutch so no more locked rear wheels..I hope.

...after that the JCE I guess in june...first a trackday with db limit so no open exhausts.
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