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new RC8 2011

PostPosted: Thu Mar 08, 2012 2:27 am
by Duke of Wrath
So I have been eying a new 2011 RC8R since I have a 10 standard I know the motor is differant more power twin spark and all.
I was wondering if anyone knows how much differance they have. Will my sliders fit the new bike.

I have been compairing pics and they look differant.I was hoping that most of my bling would fit on the 11.
I think the tail tidy is the same I am not sure if the rizomo rear sets are the same I sure hope so they are not cheap.I can see the sliders will not bummer.

Does anyone know how much differance the 10 and the 11 are? I think I might have found one. I sure would like to use some of the bling. It would save me a bundle.Also does the FMF pipe for the 10 work on the 11.

I can't find anybody that seems to know. Any help would be a great
thanks Vic

Re: new RC8 2011

PostPosted: Thu Mar 08, 2012 3:00 am
by omky756
Hey Vic..
I think one ofthe guys in the know would be Gogo..Seems he always finds things to get into with a microscope..Read some of his blogs...If I remember right...He talks a bit about it...Not much help...but...
Go for the full track bike the intermediate bike and hit the top of the heap.!!! Save more money and skip to the one you will eventually get anyway...

Re: new RC8 2011

PostPosted: Thu Mar 08, 2012 3:01 pm
by Duke of Wrath
Trust me Bro,I thought about it.I want the track only.
Having a bike that will be the garage most of the time is not practal.Even if I did a track day once a month I just can't see a bike that cost 18g's + sitting most of the time.

If I just get the 11 at least I can ride it every week on our back road rides plus I do and will bring it to calif to ride.

I know my 10 is a great bike and I know I don't use it to it's all.I just have decided I want the 11 and if I can swing it I will do it.I might have to sell a few things so I can own it outright.

I'm ok with that the more I read about the 11 the more I see how much better it is.So I will try to pull it off today and if I can I might have it for track day in april.

If not then I will have a very nice RC8 that is a blast to ride.As far as I can tell there will be very little differance with the 12 they are late and should be here in a couple to 3 months.

I look at it this way what ever is ment to be will happen.Having a track only one would be a dream but unless I got it for super cheap ,which I don't see I will have a street legal one.I like to ride and we do some nice rides out here on route 66.

Nothing like the bad ass canyons you have out near the beach.But we have no cars or cops to bother us when we get out of the city.

We will see ,a dealer I spoke to yesterday really wanted my duke.Once I told him about all the mods and color I had.
Between the two bikes I have over 20 g's and this new 11 is 14,400 otd .

I was just hoping to buy the 11 a take off what I could off my 10 and install the bling and sell the 10 at a good price.
We will know soon.

Damn I do love the track spec.