sold the 2010 RC8

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sold the 2010 RC8

Postby Duke of Wrath » Wed Mar 21, 2012 4:12 am

Well I listed my 2010 RC8 on all the places to sell.I got a deposit on it within a hour.So it should be gone by the end of next week.I still have to do some things to get it back to stock.I have to change out the wheels and put the stock ones back on and the exhaust.What a pain but it will be worth it the new R will be a looker with the forged wheels and the FMF pipe.
I also got a lot of interest in the duke no firm offers yet but I think it will sell.The bike is perfect who ever see's it will buy it.

It will take a lot of pressure off me.Now i have to get some miles on the R April will be here quick.I hope I can do a couple of hundred miles wed or thurs.I really love the new R KTM really got it right with this bike.The fueling is perfect.

I still don't know if I need to change out the counter shaft sprocket has any one done the change on a 2011.?
I know it made a big differance on the 10 but the 11 feels like the tranny is tighter first revs out quick for sure I can ride around town and switch gears.On the 10 I never could get out of 2nd gear.
so far so good I hope it all works out.I will miss the duke.But with out the duke I never would have ridden a RC8.

I know the BMW is a neat bike but I like that the RC8 does not have all the gadgets since i would never learn how to use them.This bike has a computer that does so much.You can change maps for race gas.So it will use the better gas I am amazied what this bike can do.
I have been trying to understand this thing for days.I read the book and I just fall asleep. Oh well maybe I can get the nerd to explain it. If anyone know this stuff he will.

So i hope i can get all the bling on the new bike.Too bad I found out that many things won't fit.the R motor is bigger the sliders are too small and the case savers are too the guy that gets my 10 will get a ton of stuff.

At least I got the rear sets and the tail tidy. I might be able to make the sliders work I hope so.I need them.
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