Great ride on the RC8 2011

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Great ride on the RC8 2011

Postby Duke of Wrath » Fri Mar 23, 2012 5:01 am

Finally got to ride my RC8 today.Been getting all the bling on.
I have to say this bike is amazing.It is so smooth the power is so strong but it mellow.
It's there if you want it.I have to take it easy for the first 600 miles 7500 rpm or less.
So I rode it as hard as i thought i should. took it to 7500 then let it off back and forth.even at low rpm you can get 150mph easy.Did our normal twisties and the bike just wants to go fast.I can't wait till it is broken in I know all the cool HP is just waiting to come out.

It came with the new dunlaps sportmarts they seem to be ok as rough as the road is here the tyres still have nipples.
one thing for sure the bike is so beautiful I love it. The stock gearing is perfect much better than my 2010
I don't think I will have to change out the counter shaft.I got 150 miles more today.

Just need 450 miles so I can get the 600 service and it will be ready for chucky Can't wait to see how it goes on the track.
This bike is ready and wants to go.

I just can't find the old exhausts parts so I can't exchange the pipe out.So the buyer of the 2010 may get the FMF
which means I will have to get another one.Oh well whats another grand right ? two stupid metal gaskits gonna cost me from exchanging the fmf for the stock pipe Bummer for me.

Well it was a great day the bike ran great and felt so good I love this bike.
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