RC8R site with a cool video.

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RC8R site with a cool video.

Postby Duke of Wrath » Wed Apr 11, 2012 6:51 am

Hey guys
I found a site for just RC8 and RC8R's it's RC8hq.com.
It is sorta cool has some neat stuff has a guy on a stock RC8R at the salt flats.He did 191 mph worth checking out
Plus some stuff on products. I don't know how recent some of the posts are and if they still are doing it.
The U tube video is worth it 191 on a stock RC8R is cool.Just think when you put a pipe on and a remap should get 200 mph.

Crazy speed I'll never do it but it's nice to know it's there if you need it.
I am so bummed I can't get a FMF pipe for another month.Can't believe they are so behind the 12's are out same pipe for all the bikes and they are back ordered for a month. They got plenty for for dukes and they are not current. But RC8R's in stainless are out.

I want one just won't pay retail I can get it at dealer.I an get a ti system now but $400 bucks more for a pipe you can't see.I'll wait what the hell?
Not not like I need it the bike is so fast stock. I want to hear it it will sound unreal.
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