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what color would be faster

Poll ended at Fri Sep 12, 2008 11:58 am

black rc8
orange rc8
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Re: rc8 who cares

Postby Vortex155 » Thu Apr 19, 2012 4:54 pm

I go for the mix, the ready to race orange and the new black of the white

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Re: rc8 who cares

Postby Duke of Wrath » Wed May 02, 2012 3:05 pm

Wow I saw those pics had to be the good old days.
The new RC8R comes with the orange frame and white or black plastic.
I had the white 2010 that is in the picture.I sold it and the guy totaled it in less than a month.

What a bummer it was such a nice bike had so many extras on it.
I got a 2011 org/blk and it is by far the fastest best handling bike I have ever had out of the box.
I want to ride Miller so bad.I have had it at Chuckwalla with the SD boys we had a blast.the video is posted on track section.
This is the first bike I have ever had that did not need a pipe it runs so well the fueling is perfect.
But like most of us I have to change things so i got the FMF Titatium pipe.
I need a track with a long straight so I can see what it can really do.

I love the new maps you can change from road to track .reg gas to race gas.The cool thing is it has two gear indecators.So you always know what gear you in.
The bike is so fast there is a spot when you hit it the bike goes in to warp drive I can't even explain it I just have to say everything speeds up twice as fast.

I was going so fast I grabbed a handfull of front brake at it pushed me forward and the rear end lifted so I down shifted the rear hit the ground and I made the turn.It was a total pro move.Could never do it on purpose just by acct.
It was a blast.I was so much faster that the last time I did that track I was on my duke which had a ton of go fast mods.
40 mph faster in some turns The bowl I was doing triple digits.could not do that on my duke.The straights I hit 128 which at chucky is fast since they such short straights.
KTM got it right with the 2011 you really don't need to do much except the personal things I did rizoma rear sets so I could be less bent over and of course the sliders.and the techspec tank gripper pads a must for this bike.RG tail tidy with rizoma lights.Then I put the double bubble windscreen.The carbon bits make it look so good.
Miller will be the test that track is so nice. Thats next.
My stuff 2011 RC8R black/orange forged wheels Rizoma,Rg,Sato racing,FMF apex 08 990 S/D blk/wht Full motobox with butterflies,FMF apex, rg tail tidy, carbon bits, 03 HD 100 year Heritage sil/blk Life is short.Live it with no regrets.


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