Starting woes

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Starting woes

Postby twinrider32 » Sun Jan 12, 2020 11:22 am

Hello all

I hadent started the bike for a couple of weeks - but had had a 6month old battery on a tender all the time - anyhow it just clicked when you push button then resets dash - thought it would be battery because I jumped it off with another little ride on mower battery - so new battery arrived (took the chance to get the lithium version) charged it up and it was just just the same - will start though when jumped off with the 2 x batteries ??
some info that might help is

once it has started with the 2 batteries then it will start with just the battery that is on it
If i short the relay across it always turns over the motor but too slowly
once or twice last year it gave a horrible screaching sound and stopped cranking when trying to start

I dont see lots of starter motor problems on here which is why despite all things seem to point to it being the starter im a bit reluctant to tackle it, looks like a bitch to do
having to drop engine in mounts to create space to get it out !

Any experience/ideas folks ?

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