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Postby DMacL » Sat Mar 01, 2014 6:59 pm

I've just about killed my first rear tyre. Roughly 1900 miles on the bike, plus a dyno run which I don't think will have helped it.

Got about 1mm left till the wear markers round the centre, but plenty meat left on the sides. Not too surprising given all that mileage has been done on roads below 6 degC.

I plan to stick with the same tyre this time, I'll wait until there's some more feedback from others about alternative tyres as I love how the Sportsmart2 finds grip seemingly everywhere.

Can anyone advise whether I should try to source an OEM spec one (code 632937), or if there are any substantial differences from the off-the-shelf one (code 631996)? I think a couple of local places will have the off-the-shelf one in stock.


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