Notchy shifting

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Notchy shifting

Postby Roja » Thu Mar 03, 2016 7:36 am

Anyone else experiencing notchy shifting - getting her into 'N'?

Clutch has been bled and is running fully pressurised.

Apparently the shifting/gearbox crown/star (like the one sold by Rotty - Factory Pro EVO shift kit) is notchy.

One of my KTM mechanics told me that the 990s also had this issue.

Symptoms are very similar to a clutch needing bleeding, HOWEVER, there are two tests (apparently - as per KTM mechanic) that isolate this problem:

1. Put it in gear, with clutch lever pulled in, rev the bike. If it doesn't move, or if the 'clack' into first isn't unusually bad, apparently, there's pressure.

2. With the bike turned off, try shifting gears or finding neutral (using clutch lever and all normal methods). If it still has trouble shifting, it could most likely be due to notches on the shifting crown/star.

Cold hard proof will come next week - bike goes in the shop. But in the meantime, just wanted to see if I was the only one. Fwiw, I have 27,000km on the clock.

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