Rottweiler install

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Rottweiler install

Postby SpeedyR » Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:57 pm

did some work on mine this past weekend-

removed all the stuff on the left and added the stuff on the right. had a few questions to see if anyone might have answers:


1) when I instal the quick shifter, does the wire come out facing forward or rear? I got the new version that will do push or pull so technically the orientation doesn't matter (it works fine the way I have it now with the wire facing the rear, it just seemed to make running the wire up to the main loom easier) but don't want it 'backwards'. I google image searched and saw it both orientations.

2) I have the full Akra Evo system and re-mapped ECU, Rottweiler air system with dual 80mm velocity stacks, dyno jet power commander and quick shifter. Right now I have the settings on the PCv set to 0 across the board and it runs pretty well. I have downloaded two PCv maps, with very similar setups (Rottweiler and Akra full evo system) and have looked over them. They seem to go negative numbers at lower throttle openings and a bit more positive at high throttle. I will get it on a dyno in the near future, but how many found better gains after a full dyno tune? Or uploading the maps from somewhere like

my plan is to take it to a good dynojet tuning facility and run it with the zero settings and check the A/F ratio, then maybe upload one of the other maps and see how it looks and then decide if I need to do much more tuning of the system.

other than that, I'll have the bags on order soon (SW Motech Blaze bags for the rear and a tank bag (mini or daypack size)). Then just ride the thing.

BTW I had not expected much in the way of gains with the Rottweiler system since I already had the full Evo system and ECU flashed, but was very surprised with the mid range that was added with the Rottweiler system. Third gear power wheelies are a way of life now. Just roll it on and cover the rear brake (or ride with the MTC turned on). easy installation, good instructions and pretty straightforward setup.
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Re: Rottweiler install

Postby JDSSDR1290 » Mon Nov 07, 2016 5:56 pm

I cant help with the QS, but it sounds like your doing everything right. I just installed a Rotty & PCV last week. The PCV has the Rotty Map installed. Bike runs fine. I cant justify a Dyno tune. I believe it could use some tweaking. The exhaust smells rich on idle. Im at about 2000 ft above sea level.
3rd gear power wheelies were easy with stock air box & slip-on with CAT removed. 4th gear was a challenge. I needed to time & pull at the right time. Now 4th gear roll off the throttle & whack it open are easy. Try it. Im on stock gearing.
I like this Air box PCV mod. The intake air induction noise is a little loud though.
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Re: Rottweiler install

Postby abc » Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:33 pm

Just take it to the dyno and map it to suit the fuel and fuel additives in your local area - this will give you the best results. Loading a map from someone else is dependent on the fuel they use and the local Atm pressures etc etc etc.
Loading someone elses map is as much of a compromise as loading the Akra map and expecting the Afr's to be correct right across the range.
Have fun
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