comfort seat vs. race seat

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comfort seat vs. race seat

Postby SpeedyR » Fri Jul 28, 2017 3:39 pm

anyone used both or either of these?

I spoke to one of the pike peak racers last year about what mods had been done to the bike as I look at getting the bike set up for track use. One thing he mentioned was the comfort seat and the race seat raise the seat about 20mm above the stock seat height, so he said that was a big improvement in moving your weight over the front of the bike a bit more for more control over the front end...

any of you use either of the seats on the track and have a comparison to stock? I'd lean towards the comfort seat as I can use that more often in day to day riding, but I got the impression from him that the race seat was higher than the comfort seat and was shaped better. I know you can put thicker seat foam on the race seat to raise it a bit more but just curios to get some feedback.

I've had fiberglass tail sections in the past with foam pads on race bikes and it looks like the race "seat" bolts on and off so easy to swap it out after a track day.

Ditto for the race "fairing" that replaces the headlight- anyone use this and is it easy to swap back and forth or more of a leave it on all the time thing.
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Re: comfort seat vs. race seat

Postby robertkehl » Sun Sep 17, 2017 10:03 pm

I have the 2014 1290R. And installed the upgraded sport seat sold in the powerparts catelog. It's was a softer seat than the stocker. Wasn't sure if I would like it and didn't at first. Not because of the height but because it's being softer. But I got use to it and would never go back to the stocker. This seat is needed on the 14 model year to get your weight over the bars for proper cornering. The stock seat was never designed correctly for proper position. It was to low and laid-back. What were you thinking ktm?
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