Assult 'n' Battery!, click.

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Assult 'n' Battery!, click.

Postby Dr Dave » Sun Mar 11, 2018 12:05 pm

So this has happened several times (even from new) - bike has been tucked away for a few weeks I'm all geared up for a ride and off to meet up with my buddies at the petrol station 8.00 sharp and I go to start the SD - ignition comes on, goes through its checks but when I hit the start button the starter just clicks. Thinking its a dead battery I jump it but same thing happens when out on the ride, so seat off and a wiggle of the battery terminals shows they are slightly loose. Once tightened up I'm back and up and running. However a month or two down the line, same thing so I clamp down on the battery bolts again. this happens another time as well.

Having left the bike for a few months in the shed unridden, I figure I should run it up but it's as dead as a instruments lights, nothing. This time I I'm sure it must be a dead battery due to being laid up for 4 months but I give the battery bolts a tweak anyway and I'll be dammed if it doesn't fire up on the button.

Long and the short of it I highly recommend you carefully remove your battery terminals give them and the battery posts a little file/sand, apply copper grip or some other grease and reassemble, cranking on the bolts as much is appropriate for their size. I've had no problems since and the bike is running noticeably better/'s the little things that'll get you.
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