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Postby Dr Dave » Sat May 19, 2018 4:28 pm

Been backward and forward with silencers and de-cat pipes (AR shorty underslung, Remus link pipe with stock silencer) but never really thought the bike ran as it should. AR shorty decat was awesome up top (mental actually) but way too loud and bike ran horribly below 4000rpm. Remus link pipe with standard silencer, great sound, good power upper mid to top but still ropey under 3500/4000rpm.

Its been playing on my mind about the tuned length and flow of the original exhaust for ages ….. manufacturers go to great lengths and costs to get every aspect of engine/exhaust design as optimal as possible and within legal limits. Do we really think we can remove all the exhaust junk to improve sound, power & torque by bolting on aftermarket shizzle?

Despite my love of fettling I'm starting to think we are kidding ourselves, unless of course you stump up big time for the full Akro, which has been designed in conjunction with the manufacturer and hence beautifully balanced on all levels.

So despite my utter conviction I could improve on Mr KTM's design work I have …….. unbelievably :o reinstalled the cat on the SD. But and its a big butt, I drilled out and removed the honeycomb part of the cat (at the back end of the cat box) - which causes the huge restriction in flow and makes the SD whisper quiet in stock form.

Happily reassured by the nascar ish rumble on start up I took the old girl for a blat, bloody hell what an incredible difference!! Pulled harder and smoother than ever before …. the motohooligan air box singing away, I really can't believe it (although I think I suspected it all along). Haven't done the 10 minute reset and the Rapidbike wont fully compensate for a couple of hundred miles. Everything feels better - vibs, noise, power and torque …. what a lovely bike!

As a side note I demo'ed the 2.0 SD yesterday while mine was in for a service (P&H) …. yeah not bad but won't be changing mine anytime soon. Its smoother and handles so much better its shocking. In stock form it has less punch than mine, not as exciting but with its smooth spread of power and amazing handling it would leave mine for dead around the twistys/track. If I spent the right kind of money at Ktech and got the forks worked on, there would be nothing in it (handling wise). The factory quickshifter is not on par with my Rapidbike quickshifter. Only my thoughts peeps, horses for courses and all that.
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