1290 r exhaust question please

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1290 r exhaust question please

Postby MaximusVR46 » Fri May 25, 2018 7:20 pm

I have the 2014 1290 r with the full akra system inc remap K&N and sas removed etc. Have had this fitted since i bought the bike. I am doing a trip next month to the swiss alps including Austria. I know they are quite strict about loud exhausts so was wondering if i put the original system back on only and left the sas removed and obviously i can't do anything about the remap would the bike not run right? Would it cause problems? Any help appreciated thanks
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Re: 1290 r exhaust question please

Postby arg » Sun May 27, 2018 3:01 pm

The akra map you have loaded would be too rich for the standard cat, not a good idea.

I took mine with it's akra to Italy via Austria last year, only change I did was fit the baffle. No issues. Also been to Austria on my SMT which is louder than my 1290, again no noise issues.

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