ABS Problem, Maybe...

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ABS Problem, Maybe...

Postby REDTALE2000 » Fri Jun 01, 2018 9:54 pm

Ok Superdukers.
Got a brake issue that doesn't seem to have been covered elsewhere.
Last week, the front brake lever started the slow creep back to the bars that is usually the sign of a leaking master cylinder. Only difference is that if I pump it a couple of times it will stop the creep and hold its position forever. It continues to stay solid until I let it sit unloaded for more than about 5 seconds. Then it will do the creep again with the next pull.
Pulled m/c apart and it looked pretty good but since there was a slight scuffing on the side of the main seal I decided to replace the m/c (since you can't buy replacement seals :cry: ). Installed and bled new m/c and problem was still there: no change whatsoever.
Ok, well it's been over 80,000 miles and I've never pulled the calipers apart so maybe something weird is going on down there. Complete disassembly, clean, inspect. All looking remarkably good. No sticky or scarred pistons, no leaks. Put it all back together, bleed. Problem still there! No change whatsoever.
Brakes work and feel really good with the exception of the sinking lever which has to go through about one and a half full pulls before it goes solid.
So, this leaves the ABS unit as the only untouched part of the system. What it feels like to me is that there might be a leaking valve in the ABS that's allowing a small flow of fluid into the accumulator when the brakes are applied. Once the accumulator fills up, the lever goes solid and stays that way until the pressure is released and the fluid flows back out of the accumulator after a few seconds.
So the real question here is: has anyone ever gotten into their ABS unit? The damn things list for $1600 and I really don't want to pony up especially on a troubleshooting guess.
Any help and insights really appreciated.
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Re: ABS Problem, Maybe...

Postby Twisted_Nudist » Tue Jun 05, 2018 6:53 am

Get rid of the ABS!

I recently did this, together with the installation of the 17 RCS Master Cylinder.
Had to order custom brake lines, as no one makes an ABS delete kit, but I can share the dimensions and fittings I spec’d with Spiegler if you’re interested. I went with a two line setup... each line running directly to Master Cylinder.

ABS pump needs to stay connected in for the electronics to be happy but you can just plug the holes. It works and keeps things simple.
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