Bike not starting? [SOLVED] Is this happening to you, too?

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Bike not starting? [SOLVED] Is this happening to you, too?

Postby motorob » Thu Feb 06, 2020 8:32 pm

I believe I've finally solved my starting problems on my 2007 Superduke.
Problem: Try to start the bike-- all you hear is the relay click and the starter try to turn for ~0.5s. Then the dash resets.
Final Solution: It was the battery. I had this problem twice now: once with the original Yuasa when I got the bike, and again with a brand new Yuasa replacement battery!
It worked fine for awhile, but the problem crept back until the battery just up and quit, right back to the original problem.
I replaced the AGM battery with a lithium ion based on a variety of comments on multiple forums. They're cheaper, lighter, more CCAs and best of all -- my bike turns over instantly now :D

If you're having starting problems, start with the basic stuff first. Even if it's a relatively new replacement battery, maybe you have bad luck like me and got a bad cell in your new battery!

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