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Postby PBRnr » Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:14 am

bic_bicknell wrote:Ahhhh Joe,

You strike a note with me there my friend.

When I was younger I was totally into motorbikes, it made my life whole and I found something that was, and still continues to be, a passion that has not been matched by anything since. But I had no cash and the experience was one of riding and the freedom and buzz that riding on two wheels brought me. I had old machinery that was barely adequate for the job but it's all I had. I had mismatched tyres, inadequate suspension, worn barrels and leaking engine casings. But I was out every evening, down the pub, with my biking fraternity. Riding every night and every weekend. Because I had no other commitments.

But I have grown older, and life changes doesn't it?

I have very little time now to ride like I used to. I own a company, I work long hours, I have a family, (my lovely Amy and children), I have SO MUCH OTHER STUFF TO DO! :lol: But although I have less time I have more money now and I can spend my disposable income on "bike stuff" so what happens is that in replacement for actual riding time I "improve my bike".

But this concept bothers me somewhat.

I long for the time when I just rode the fooking thing. There is nothing like hours in the saddle eh? I think that this is a new trend in motorcycling, the relative expense, insurance premiums, difficulty in getting a driving permit, (in the UK at least), means that the age of motorcyclists is going up and up and so this trend of bikers who have no time but plenty of money to spend on performance bling is going to increase.

I want to be out on my lovely SD every night, every weekend, every spare minute I have. But it's just not possible. So we spend out time discussing upgrades on this forum and scouring Ebay for the next bargain for a bit of go faster kit.

It is a paradox that I do not know the answer to.

This post deserves its own much truth. How about the "purists" who dare not change a thing on their bike from OEM because, to them, don't fix it if it ain't broke/leave well-enough alone/etc...?
Seems we put a lot of moto guilt on our shoulders, so we routinely shower our parked, low-mileage bikes with bling to show we still care and think of them often. You know, like the whole point of Valentine's Day.

Sh!t...gotta make those dinner plans w the missus :P
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