Motohooligan or Rottweiler?

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Re: Motohooligan or Rottweiler?

Postby Larry Wiechman » Fri Jun 17, 2016 11:24 pm

Is a baseplate available to fit an ITG filter on a 1290SD?
It looks like a 1290SD requires something a little fancier than a simple flat plate.

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Re: Motohooligan or Rottweiler?

Postby mac900 » Mon Jun 20, 2016 1:47 am

Jacko wrote:Just read the last 20pages of the Austin Racing thread, has anyone ran a full AR system in conjunction with a PCV and Rotty/MH?

I have the full Akra along with the PCV and the MotoHooligan on my 1290SD.

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Re: Motohooligan or Rottweiler?

Postby Loco » Mon Jun 20, 2016 1:47 pm

I really wanted the MH but being in the UK shipping and taxes were prohibitive once I started to look into it, the dna (frankly a rip off of the MH IMHO) was available in the UK for very sensible money if you're not a tart chasing bling or 1 or 2hp

It seems they are now discontinued by DNA (probably so they can 'borrow' some designs from MH)

There are still some in the wild available ... 12356.html

Mods please note, I am not affiliated with this site or the manufacturer in any way and this is not and ad just offering an opinion and showing availability of the product

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Re: Motohooligan or Rottweiler?

Postby CPRFAB » Sat Jun 25, 2016 2:37 am

bic_bicknell wrote:If anyone is umming and aaring about whether to buy a Motohooligan product or a Rotweiller one consider this.

Aaron, who owns MH was one of the original Superduke owners and (as far as I am aware) developed this product himself through hours of research, prototyping and effort. They are really high quality products made from the best materials by a guy who cares. When Aaron launched the Motobox it was so well received that there was a rush for every 990 owner to get hold of one and the reports of the added power and sound gains made a big buzz in the KTM circles, not just Superdukes but in the off road community too. So then Rotweiller came along and more or less copied the Motobox outright. I may be wrong but this is how I remember it. They just ripped off his work and mass produced it because they had the resources and marketing clout. There was quite a bit of debate on this forum about it all.

Although this post is quite old now, we are just coming upon it now and feel the need to respond as we feel that is is extremely inflammatory in it's depiction of who Rottweiler Performance is and how we came about, which in turn is also possibly damaging to us as a small business. While we completely understand that 'bic_bicknell' may harbor his own version or opinion of how we came about, that does not exactly translate into any form of accuracy. In addition, we have largely stayed off of Super because we know the Motohooligan brand has a long history participating within this site and we wanted to respect that.

We would like to break down these statements and put some accuracy to it.

"So then Rotweiller came along and more or less copied the Motobox outright. I may be wrong but this is how I remember it. They just ripped off his work and mass produced it because they had the resources and marketing clout.

You are actually very wrong. While I (CPR Fabrications / owner Chris Parker) have always had respect for Aaron ever since I learned of him (I do not know him), his presence and participation here and his designs, nothing could be more factually false than the statement above. In actuality, when developing the Rottweiler Intake System, I had no knowledge whatsoever of 'Motohooligan' or any other intake system that existed for that matter. It wasn't my goal to sell them and I didn't spend much time on forums and as such had no knowledge of anything else. Our first designs were simply to satisfy a curiosity and the ability to do so as a high performance fabrication/machine shop and an owner of an early Super Duke as well. (Plus some time on my hands as we were working on my wife's visa for 2 1/2 years) The business 'Rottweiler Performance' is a DBA, and is officially 'CPR Fabrications', a shop I started in my late 20's (15 years ago) and has specialized in intake and exhaust fabrication for Singer Porsche, Rod Millen Motorsports (Pikes Peak Program) Burns Stainless, Toyota, Ferrari, factory Porsche race teams and many others. It's what we do and have been doing for quite some time and we don't require cues from other designs to do it I can assure you.

Long story short, it (our filter kits) leaked out on another forum by a guy we were building an Adventure 990 stainless dyno header for and calls started to pour in so I decided to make them on the side for customers who wanted them. There are only so many ways to attach a filter to these throttle bodies so we can see how one would think that we took cues from the Motohooligan design but that is simply not the case. Our design employed a very different approach to how the air flows directly into the throttle bodies and proved very popular being that many users did not like gauze style filters. Through allot of hard work and late nights we grew Rottweiler Performance into what it is today with no more tools or money than Motohooligan had. We just wanted to offer more than one product and dedicated the time into growing it into a business that covered all large KTM models with greater tuning support as well as other popular parts that consumers just like you were asking for. Nothing more, nothing less. We are a family business that now proudly employs four people and we are proud of what we have accomplished. If we did a better job of marketing, then it was because we dedicated ourselves to the business of doing so, nothing more.

While it really bums us out to come across posts like the one above, we have come to terms with the fact that this is the way some people use forums, and we respect that. Simultaneously we also hold the right to post a formidable rebuttal to what we feel to be slanderous and purposely damaging to our reputation. In this day and age it is now a full time business for people to monitor reputations online and we pay for a service that alerts us to what people are saying so that we can always try and be better and know what people want from us. We are sometimes painted as some cooperate business with 'resources and marketing clout' as Mr. 'bic_bicnell' has so eloquently put it but in the end, we are just like anyone else. A small business that takes this stuff seriously. On one hand, we smile and think, "People think that we are big, we must be doing something right!", on the other hand, we aren't that much different and certainly don't fit into the picture that has been painted above.

Mr. Bic, if you have any further questions about us, who we are, or where we came from, my cell phone number is 949-412-1971. You may call me anytime if you need any further clarification when and if the facts elude you.

Chris Parker
Owner / Rottweiler Performance

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Re: Motohooligan or Rottweiler?

Postby steve59 » Mon May 29, 2017 4:09 pm



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