New bike new problems

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New bike new problems

Postby Number 6 » Tue Nov 28, 2017 9:48 pm

I've just recently joined this forum after buying a 2006 Superduke 990.
It's an ex Battle Cup bike, number 6 and I believe it was a Bracken press bike raced by Adam Child in 2007.
It's a great bike, HM racing tuned with lots of nice goodies on it, it's got dyno run charts with over 125 bhp at the rear wheel.
That's the good news..
The bad news is I noticed coolant loss over the 300 miles that I rode it before the winter weather, it used about 500ml of coolant in that time. After reading this and other forums about likely causes I drained the oil and sure enough, it was contaminated with coolant, it looked like milky coffee. The oil filter was also quite bad.
So earlier this evening I removed the right side casing and the waterpump shaft and it is clearly worn. There is also some mysterious scuffing and wear to the inside of the casing around were the clutch is positioned, has anyone had any experience of this sort of damage? Perhaps from a clutch breaking up?
The original clutch has been replaced with a STM slipper unit which looks to be in good shape.
Also the oil screens looked OK so the damage to the casing must have happened previously.
I'm going to let an engineer have a look at the main bearing shells in the casing tomorrow but they look ok to me.
And does anyone on here know anything about this bike, as I said it's the number 6 Battle Cup bike.
Cheers, Chris

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Re: New bike new problems

Postby SpeedyR » Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:48 am

the 950/990 motors have a known weak spot in the water pump shaft. check with CJ Designs in the US about their hardened water pump shaft kit.

can't help much on the other bits, but I have a 950 as well as my 1290 and the water pump shaft will be replaced soon by the CJ designs version. FYI I have about 12k miles on my 950 but will do it as preventative maintenance.
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Re: New bike new problems

Postby No. 47 » Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:39 am

Paul Ricketts, ex- Bracken mechanic (‭07770 518393‬), may be able to give you some early history on the bike but that’s probably a little academic after all these years.

The OE clutch set up includes what KTM call a damper fitted to the clutch cover - Sigma and, afaik, other slipper clutch suppliers recommend removing this - my Sigma set up has this removed and there is slight scuffing on the inside face of the clutch cover and on the spring bolt heads so I’m guessing that the removal of the damper allows the clutch to expand further than the OE set up, just enough to touch the clutch cover - no issues with that, though, and my original ex-race clutch set up has lasted circa 90k miles and only required one replacement of the pressure plate, due to a knackered bearing, and the usual regular clutch plate renewals.
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Re: New bike new problems

Postby Number 6 » Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:20 am

Thanks for that No.47 (I've finally got around to reading replies).
My bike is back together now with a replacement crankshaft support bearing fitted in the right case and a waterpump overhaul.
I think my bike actually has a Bob Farnham tuned engine, HM Racing just serviced it for a previous owner.
I'm in the middle of fitting a Moto Hooligan airbox as the bike was still using the standard box and I've removed the secondary throttle butterflies.
It was making 125bhp but a little bit more power is always nice.

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