Indicator failure 2017 SDR

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Indicator failure 2017 SDR

Postby SuperDoopa » Sun May 06, 2018 10:23 am

Was out today and noticed my left indicator on. I pushed the button in to cancel it and nothing happened, so moved it to the right and it did the trick. Then a bit later I noticed the left one on again, so went through the same procedure to put it out. So I then decided to try both left and right indicators and nothing worked.
I got home and turned the bike off and then back on, and once the clocks were live, the left indicator had come on.
Then I decided to try the hazard lights, and all indicators worked. So there's something wrong in the left switch gear me thinks?
Bike is due for a service in 2 days so I'll bring it up with them, but it's also having a software update/ fuel pump is apparently to be done/ front brake recall and I have possibly a warped front disc.
But I am demoing the new 790,so hopefully it won't be all bad news :?

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