How to Connect Power Commander 5 to Superduke R 990

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How to Connect Power Commander 5 to Superduke R 990

Postby Brian_B » Tue May 22, 2018 8:02 am


Just for anyone that has a PC5 to fit on their SDR or has had one and wondered how to connect the ignition coils due to the SDR having a 3 pin connector and the PC having a 2 pin like the standard SD, here's how to connect it up by splicing in to the coils...this info came from Dynojet today.

"Yes. The ignition coil connectors will only plug in if your bike has Denso style coil sticks. You have a couple of options to consider.

If you only care about tuning the air/fuel ratio and don't mind running on stock timing, you could just leave those connectors unplugged, and use the device as a fuel modifier only.

If you want to manipulate the ignition timing, you can do so by splicing those wires to the stock coil wires. The RED/WHITE wire just gets tapped to the 12 volt power wire of the front cylinder coil. The front cylinder signal wire goes to the GREEN wire. The modified signal goes back out to the coil on the WHITE/GREEN wire. The rear cylinder signal wire comes in on the BLUE wire and goes back out to the coil on the WHITE/BLUE wire.

Let us know if you have any further questions."

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