Track day insurance

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Track day insurance

Postby bic_bicknell » Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:23 pm

For once I have had a good experience with my insurance company.

I've been with MCE for quite a few years now and just renewed with them again. I've got both the Superduke and my old Kawasaki H2 insured under the same policy. The KTM is probably worth £5K max and the H2 about £10K+ now. They have a £50 excess on the KTM and £575 on the Kawasaki which doesn't surprise me as parts are hard to replace now.

Anyway. Two new features of the policy over last year which I was pleasantly surprised at.

1. The policy is now a rider policy like in the old days and I'm insured to ride anyone else's bike with their permission.
2. Both bikes are covered for UK track days!

I'm a bit gobsmacked and need to see the small print on this when I get the policy but as far as I'm aware I always believed you were not insured if you went on track and no way could claim against damage to the bike if you binned it. But I was assured that I'm now covered for this.

Result. :D :D
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Re: Track day insurance

Postby jambox » Tue Oct 10, 2017 4:15 pm

I've had it before with trackday insurance, can't remember if it was MCE or bikesure that I was with.

Pretty sure all you need to do is inform them when you're going on track and it's fully covered
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