Wassit Worth?

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Wassit Worth?

Postby Stupid Luke » Tue May 08, 2018 9:19 pm

Hi guys, long time no post;

Around 18 months ago I bought a new MT10 which has taken over from my SDR as Sunday hooligan bike. I still have the SDR as I never intended to sell it but I am now quite tempted with the 1290 GT as a touring bike. I am going for a test ride on Friday and assuming I like the GT I have a dilemma

I am not really keeping up with used bike values in the UK, hate selling bikes, really really really hate p/exing bikes so I am looking for a bit of advice as to the value of my bike and the bits and bobs if I end up selling them separately. This will have to be from memory as I have owned the bike for 9 years and been adding bits all along so I probably won't remember everything I have got.

I am not selling anything yet, if at all, so I don't want a load of pm's with daft bids or texts at midnight asking 'WOT LOWEST YA TEK?" I really can't be arsed with that. I just know that Dealers, in general tend to offer insulting p/ex prices around £2-3k less than a private sale and I will probably end up selling the bike and bits privately if I go with the 1290 GT.

Bike is a 2007 SDR (single seat model) 12000 miles from new with full service history. I have owned it since 2009 and I bought it off the original owner with 2000 miles on the clock. The bike is mint condition and has almost all standard parts (I will list the bits I don't have). THIS MODEL DID NOT HAVE THE AKRA HEADERS LIKE THE 2008 SDR. It is currently SORN and not insured (so no test rides) as my insurer, Hastings Direct, will only let me have 2 bikes on the policy. Bike will have 12 months MOT when p/exed or sold. Tyres are good Dunlop sports tyres and I have a half decent set of Metzler Racetec / Pirelli Supercorsa K2/K3's that aren't fitted to rims.

Bits I can't remove are:

Forks rebuilt by HM Racing in 2010

Suspension fully serviced and set up by Steve Jordan racing in 2015

KTM alarm (Meta)

KTM Powerparts anodised Orange reservoir covers for clutch front and back brake cylinder. (I swapped these over from my RC8 before I sold it, so the original black plastic ones went on the RC8)

R&G Bar ends (threw the originals away as they were looking tatty)

Kawasaki mirrors (still have the originals but the rubber is perishing and looks tatty)

Bob Farnham engine work, head lightly ported etc which has given about 8bhp power increase

Standard seat has been covered in gel and padded (if you have ever ridden an SDR you will know why)

RC8R Carbon front mudguard (this will stay on as I don't have the Superduke original)

Black and orange handlebar grips specially ordered from Italy.

Bits I have added but will remove if trading:

Dymag carbon wheels with Galfer (or maybe Braking) Wavey discs and standard wheels and discs

Akrapovic Evo silencer plus standard, boat anchor, silencer

STM slipper clutch supplied and fitted by HM Racing plus standard clutch

Motohooligan airbox

Motohooligan clutch cover

Motohooligan heel guards

Shorty levers

Ergo seat

Power Commander 3 (running zero map as bike is tuned with Tune ECU)

2009 onwards white bodywork. I bought a set of these to have a change from the standard black bodywork. I still have the standard black bodywork in mint condition.

Lighter (185 I think? ) rear shock spring in Orange as I found the original too hard

Rizoma mirrors (not sure of model but will probably remember)

Rizoma rear tail tidy and LED indicators

R&G crash protectors that bolt onto the engine

R&G crash protectors that go through front and rear wheel spindles

So, as per the title, I am looking for advice and honest unbiased opinion of what the bike is worth in near standard form, and what you think the bits would make on eBay / forum sale?

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Re: Wassit Worth?

Postby Sabre » Mon May 14, 2018 9:03 pm

Not a clue what it's worth Luke. I'd get some insurance and take it for a spin mate you may fall in love with it again,the the raw feel and lack of nanny aids is something you'll not get anywhere else. Mine sits patiently in the front room and only gets a couple of outings a year at the min,i know that once i've thrashed my other bikes i'll eventually come back to my 2007 sdr coz it's just an awesome machine :evil:
If it's orange it's worth a spin !

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Re: Wassit Worth?

Postby bic_bicknell » Tue May 15, 2018 6:27 am

Hi Mate.

I think it's a tough question this one. For a few reasons.

First, the market has moved on with the 1290 so a lot of people would just want this newer model and consider the 990 a bit outdated now - even though it's great, competent motorbike still.

Second, the casualty of all this is that 990 prices have peaked now and even with a fully loaded bike with lots of upgrades (like yours and mine) just don't really command a premium price.

Decent, well looked after, low mileage 990s seem to be consistently holding their value in private sales in the range of £3.500 to £5,000.

As you know, you'd be better off returning to a more standard spec. and selling the bling separately. This is what I'd do if I wanted to sell - but I'm also aware that the bling/performance parts market is now not as healthy as it was because most 990 Superdukes have already been upgraded and there isn't a new generation of owners out there looking for stuff. They all have 1290s!

I reckon you should still get about £5,000 for yours - I think that's what it's worth but whether you'll find a buyer quickly is another matter.

If you do split stuff I'd be very interested in your carbon wheels. I've been looking for years, nearly got some back in about 2009 from a forum member in Germany but it all fell through. It's the last bit of carbon I don't have on mine! ha ha. Let me know what you think they're worth.

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