The new 790 Duke

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The new 790 Duke

Postby SuperDoopa » Wed May 09, 2018 6:37 am

Whilst waiting for my 2017 SDR to be serviced yesterday, I took the new 790 out for a demo, and I was very impressed indeed. After riding 990SD's for 8 years and moving on to the 1290r, I miss my old 990 more than any bike I've ever owned and just wanted to see what this new bike was really like.
Obviously it's not a V twin and the capacity is smaller, but it sounded quite good and that engine is a peach. It pulled nicely and had a lovely little growl, with low to mid grunt and only when overtaking at a rate of knots (all within the speed limit officer) did I realise it wasn't my 1290r, and was running out of legs.
It's light and flickable with the best riding position I've ever experienced, and the ktm branded brakes were very good and did not dissapoint. The suspension, (although not fully adjustable) was unbelievable and don't know how they have achieved this. As for tyres, I would have said that the Maxxis would be my last choice, but somehow they were pretty good, although if I bought the bike I probably would upgrade to something better when it was due to change. There were only 2 things I could find to fault, which were at low speed (30mph) it is a little rough and needs to be kept in 2nd gear,and I did notice some heat dispelled from either side of the seat.
What ktm have done is shoot themselves in the foot a bit, because with the 690 only £800 cheaper, why would you buy a 690.I doubt there is a better bike out there for the money, specially with the quickshifter and all the other bits which are all standard on the bike for £8,500
If I do want another stablemate for my 1290r, then I would consider buying one, but a 990SD replacement it is not.

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Re: The new 790 Duke

Postby orangecrush » Wed May 09, 2018 6:22 pm

Almost $12K US....nope, not worth that. Plenty of good choices at a better price point.

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Re: The new 790 Duke

Postby RichUK » Thu May 10, 2018 7:00 am

It's been largely approved of by testers over here, most compare it to a Street Triple 765, and rate it as better for road use.

KTM 790 DUKE £8,499.00

My money would probably go on the Street Triple R though. 8)

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