2010 Superduke 990 For Sale - UK-

Please give full details of the bike (year, colour, mileage, extras, location, condition and asking price) along with at least one picture.

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2010 Superduke 990 For Sale - UK-

Postby Djmsenior » Tue Jan 31, 2017 9:40 pm

2010 KTM Superduke 990 For Sale

Its fairly standard apart from the bits listed below. Full service history with all the MOTs and work documented. 19034 miles on the clock.

Fitted extras include:-

MIVV exhaust - this bike has been properly setup on the dyno by the geniuses at BSD racing in Peterborough. If I said it was silky smooth I'd be lying, it's a V-twin what do you expect! But it has been tuned to make it as smooth as it can be..oh, and it sounds bloody awesome.

Heated grips - I was using these up to June last year because of so called global warming. 5 levels from 'Mmm that's nice' to 'Blimey, that's too hot to handle!'

Crash bungs - full set, uppers & lowers and axle sliders

Paddock Stand Bobbins - used to jack the bike up onto the Paddock stand (see below)

Rear Carbon Hugger - I think it's actually fibreglass as there are a couple of dings. You can see one of them in the pi ture below. I'veiterally no idea how I did that.

Battery optimiser - well, the connectors for the battery optimiser are fitted. The battery optimiser unit itself is also included but isn't usually attached. Unless the bike is sat in the garage.

Other bits included but not fitted:-

Original exhaust - weighs a flippin' tonne. But it's there if you want it.

Hand guards - Used in conjunction with the heated grips these make a big difference in cold weather. Keeps your pinkies nice and toastie. I take them off in the warmer weather because I think it spoils the look of the bike. Subsequently that was for about 2 weeks in July.

Tall screen - Being a super naked, I thought this would make a difference to the buffeting at high speed but TBH being 6' 4" I didn't really notice any improvement. Just build up your neck muscles. But it's there if you want it.

Paddock Stand - This makes cleaning & oiling the chain and cleaning the bike a whole lot easier.

Battery Optimiser - It's a 'Ring - Smart Charge' unit. It's been attached to this each time it's left in the garage. I haven't had a single problem starting the bike. Until I made this statement, obviously. The damn thing isn't going to start now Captain Cockup has just been invited round...

The bike is in Lincoln.

I'm looking for £4200 if anyone's interested

Apologies if I've forgotten anything.





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Re: 2010 Superduke 990 For Sale - UK-

Postby CEREC1 » Wed Feb 01, 2017 8:36 pm

Looks like a nice bike for not much money. Good luck with the sale. Couldn't bear to part with mine :roll:
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Re: 2010 Superduke 990 For Sale - UK-

Postby shaolinfunk » Thu Feb 23, 2017 10:06 am

pm sent

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Re: 2010 Superduke 990 For Sale - UK-

Postby Scotty » Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:22 am

Is this bike still available? A mate of mine is thinking of getting one so I said I'd have a look for him.
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