2007 Superduke 990, Union City, CA - sold

Please give full details of the bike (year, colour, mileage, extras, location, condition and asking price) along with at least one picture.

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2007 Superduke 990, Union City, CA - sold

Postby artoowang » Sun Aug 27, 2017 4:26 am

Hi everyone,

Time to sell my 2007 KTM Superduke:

I am the second owner of this bike since 2012 @ 9500mi. I use it for commuting (40mi per day, mostly freeway) and weekend ride, Now it has 33457mi.

Bike is in excellent condition. I did all of the services myself - all come with photos and receipts for parts. Oil is changed every 4000mi and all were sent to Blackstone Labs for analysis - best proof for good engine internal condition. Rear tyre has 3000mi on it, front has 6000mi, both are Michelin Pilot Road 4. (For my riding style I can get 10000mi from the rear, and 18000mi from the front.) No crash. Bike has been fallen down on the right side from standstill - the frame slider saved it. Only minor cosmetic damages, and most are replaced (the originals are still available as spare).

I’m looking for $5000. Registration is just renewed and good until July 2018. The bike location is in Union City, CA.
Thanks :)

More details below if you are interested:
  • Three valve clearance checks has been done. The next one should be done at 39000mi.
  • Water pump seal (common problem to KTM 950/990 engines) has been replaced at 13000mi. The problem never comes back after that (as the oil analysis shows).
  • Battery replaced at 16000mi in 2014, and is still in excellent condition
  • Water pipes replaced at 28000mi with Samco silicone hoses
  • Clutch slave cylinder replaced at 30000mi with Oberon unit
  • Chain and rear sprocket replaced at 30700mi
  • TPS (throttle position sensor) replaced at 31800mi. This new one makes the throttle smoother - I should have replaced it earlier.
  • Many other smaller maintenances - all comes with records

Aftermarket and other add on parts:
  • Akrapovic Evo slip-on
  • R&G sliders (upper/lower/front fork)
  • Oil pressure gauge
  • Voltage gauge

Following parts are not currently installed but comes with the bike:
  • KTM Touring Windscreen
  • OEM exhaust
  • R&G sliders (rear axle)
  • Rizoma bar-end mirror

More photos

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