07' Orange SD (lots o mods), 12K miles - $7,000 - NY (USA)

Please give full details of the bike (year, colour, mileage, extras, location, condition and asking price) along with at least one picture.

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07' Orange SD (lots o mods), 12K miles - $7,000 - NY (USA)

Postby 07orangeSD » Thu Nov 08, 2018 4:00 pm

Thinking its time to move on to a different bike, looking to go more sports touring like a ninja 1000.

Looking to see if there is any interest in my bike here.

Picked this up a few years back with approx. 9K on it. It had full Akra/dealer tune, KTM levers, R&G Tidy tail and some Rizoma bits.
Did not have a service history so I had a local shop go over it ($1200). I had them flush the coolant and re-built the water pump using all OE parts as the bike had casting sand in the coolant still. They also flushed/changed all other fluids, checked the valves (new gaskets) and plugs. Everything was good to go and the bike had a clean bill of health.
(Shop is now closed, was European Cycle Service in middletown, the owner now runs a local Ducati dealers shop).

I added: Skid Marx screen, Seat cowl (paint match to OE matte black), Cyclops LED headlight bulb, motohooligan airbox, revised flys, sas delete, take hinges frame sliders.

This year I had it custom tuned, they also did a fuel filter kit. Bike did 115hp/73 ftlb on a nasty humid day.
(tuned by Steve at Hudson Valley MC, $1200)

No issues with the bike, it currently has 12K miles.
It needs tyres, I have a new set of Rosso diablo 3's sitting here for it.

Looking for $7,000 which I feel is a great price for a well sorted, clean SD.
Bike is located in NY, 12528

Comes with all OE parts for the intake (box with BMC filter), SAS kit, flys, etc.
Also have a like new headlight assembly I was going to retro fit to HID projector I never got to and some other misc. stuff.
07' SuperDuke (Orange)
Full Akra exhaust and Akra tune (will be Dyno tuned soon), R&G tidy tail, Skidmarx screen, Dunlop Q3's, Renthal bars, [Motohooligan air box, secondary's, SAS plates, tank brackets, upper and lower sliders]; Lots more to come.

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