CRG mirrors on Adventure hand guards

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CRG mirrors on Adventure hand guards

Postby rotobob » Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:34 am

I did this today...

This wasn't really my idea, I got it from the Rottweiller site on a part they sell for the Adventure Hanguards. So, I wasn't mounting the CRG Arrow mirrors, but the CRG Blindspot 2" mirrors. Because the Arror morror needs to swing left and right and it has a wide round swivel fairly close to the base, so what I did wouldn't work well. The Rottweiller part is a barend adapter with a spacer base that you screw in the inside of the Adventure Hanguard. The spacer part of it allows the Arror to swivel. But the Blindspot has a very narrow clamp and the ball of the mirror is about an inch from the base.

So, I just used a standard bar end spacer and drilled a single hole in the outside of the handguard. I pounded a M5 hex nut into the counter sink of the adapters and put a black bolt from the outside of the handguard and tightened down. Then I mounted the Blindspot mirros inside the handguard. The tightness of the one bolt is plenty to stop a 2" mirror from moving. The older Blindspot mirrors were reversable, but you couldn't swing the mirrow from side to side because the ends of the clamp were too close to let the stem between the mitrror and the ball pass through. I ground the tips down enough to allow them to pass through. I think the newer ones already alow this based on pictures I've seen. Anyway, if you don't do this to allow the mirros to rotate higher, they are too low and you end up seeing a lot of your hand in the mirror. Rotating it out and up even a cm makes all the difference.

Anyway, it works well, and the vibrations on the hanguard are even less than they were on the handlebar. I showed the mirrors straight up and tucked, but the prime placment still hides the mirror just inside the hanguard and you can't see it from the front.

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