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Postby ZDuke » Sun Sep 16, 2018 8:20 pm


Anyone with 2018 have excessive vibe issues? I just bought a 2018 1290 R a few days ago. I was loving the bike up to around 140 miles. Then, I got a tyre puncture. I brought it to the dealer to have the tyre replaced. When I took the bike out of the shop, I noticed excessive vibes, so I brought it back. they re-balanced the tyre, but Im still having crazy vibes around 5k in 4th and other places.

When I ride and pull the clutch in, the vibes stop, and the wheel feels fine rolling along. What the heck could have happened? I now have 500 miles on the bike and I am super bummed. It was shaping up to be my favorite bike ever, now I don't even want to get on it. :(

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