IMPORTANT read this!

New members always welcome but read this section first - It contains instructions on getting your account activated!
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IMPORTANT read this!

Postby Colonel_Klinck » Tue Mar 17, 2015 7:31 am

IMPORTANT read this!

OK, since the excitement with Shibby questions have been asked about personal details and so on.

All emailed details in regards to accessing the forum have gone to an email account which was not accessible by the individual and never had anything to do with content on the site. Admin and mods who received these mails normally delete them also if all is fine.
I do have to warn members (and not only for this forum) to be in general vigilant on the internet. As in the real world there are people out there that have different ideas about what's yours and mine and personal privacy.
It never hurt to change your password, which you can do at all times here through your profile page, and don't use one password for all your stuff like banking, superduke net and porn... etc.... If you do, change it now!

Also we like to pass information on to other people to meet up via PM, if you have any of that, go in, write it down on a piece of paper and delete the PM!
All PW are encrypted on the site but as mentioned be vigilant!
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