List of 2014-2016 bits that wil/won't fit in a 2017

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List of 2014-2016 bits that wil/won't fit in a 2017

Postby bauer » Sun Feb 18, 2018 2:25 pm

Hi there, it's been a while since I posted anything around here. Not a lot to say when things are going smooth, right? :mrgreen:

Well, I decided to swap my "old" 2014 for a new 2017. I asked my dealer to put in all the bits he could fit or adapt to the new bike. So JFYI, I'm writing down the list, in case someone else's wondering about, or if you want to add some more.

These will fit:

- Öhlins TTX36 (top end hard to fit in, according to my mech)
- Andreani fork cartridges
- Akrapovic exhaust
- GSG Mototechnik sliders and CNC liquid's recipients*
- Samco hose kit
- PP race seat cover (with mods)
- PP tail tidy, carbon front guard, clutch and ignition covers
- Evotech radiator cover (with modification)
- " engine guard
- " front and rear spindle bobbins
- Pazzo levers
- DNA air filter
- Denali split sound bomb (with mod)
- Rear wave disc
- Oberon clutch slave cyclinder*
(*"These are delicate as if there's any mineral oil residue could harm the o-rings to the dot4 system" said my mech, but couldn't he wash them up and reuse them again? No idea, says me)

These won't fit:

- Ignition lock cover (there's no keyhole in the new one)
- Exhaust heat cover (new exhaust valves changed shape now)
- Exhaust hanger bracket ( " " " )
- Headlight guard
- Power bronze light screen (maybe with a mod...)

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