1290SDR crankcase breather reroute question

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1290SDR crankcase breather reroute question

Postby LittleBlackHawk » Wed Oct 17, 2018 11:21 pm

hi I am wondering how to correctly reroute the crankcase breather to vent to the atmosphere.

By googling the system I found the below picture and wondering if the 1290 SDR has the positive
Crankcase valve (PCV) or Valve cover port system? And where is it physically on the bike?

I probably will get a oil catch can between the crankcase and a small K&N filter or similar to vent to the air. Anyone know the hose internal diameter to use to connect the crankcase side?

Shall I add an one way valve somewhere? Not sure if the crankcase will suck the ugly muddy oil from the oil catch can back to the crankcase when it is at negative pressure.

I also found these type of the oil catch can (OCC), and wondering if any one know what does that little filter on the top do? Maybe I could use this type and just plug the outlet and the gas can vent to the air through that filter?


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