WP Upsidedown strut rebuild - pretension changed

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WP Upsidedown strut rebuild - pretension changed

Postby limeyduffa » Thu Mar 28, 2019 11:20 am

Hi All

I asked this question on the SMT forum, but I don't think there's many users on there that have done this work, so posting here.

Last week, I took my 990 SMT into a very reputable racing performance suspension specialist to have the oil and seals replaced on my SMT. They didn't need servicing, but the bike is 7 years old now, so what the hell.

When I picked it up from the specialist, I noticed a few sloppy things that was done to the bike. One of these got sorted out on the spot (as I could not fix it myself). The other two I fixed myself. However, this raised doubts about companies quality/care factor.

My question is, when servicing a front strut, is it normal for the pretension adjustment to need changing after the service ? (out by half a turn ?). In other words, is it possible for a mechanic to accidentally fit a component incorrectly/the wrong way for the pretension to be out 1/2 a turn ?. I figure that an oil and seal change isn't going to change the pretension setting. So, I am worried they have put my struts (or one of the struts) back together incorrectly.

I've found the service manual for my struts (WP 4860 Model):


Looking at the break down, there is a long bush and a short bush (Page 41). Is order important ?. Will strut still work if bushs are put in the wrong order ?. Are bushs consumable ? (ie: would mechanic replace them and substitute replacement with a different make/model ?)

It's been 30 years since I pulled apart a strut, so this topic is a bit gobbly-goop to me. Any thoughts appreciated.

Note: I've redialed in the front suspension and it seems normal.

Cheers J
2012 990 SMT

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