Sidestand signal after new switch and clean terminals

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Sidestand signal after new switch and clean terminals

Postby Excellrec » Sat Apr 20, 2019 2:41 am

Hello all,

Glad to have joined the forum. I've got a finnicky 2008 SD 990 and I can't find anyone with this exact problem yet on the forum.

The facts as best I know them:

-Bike was intermittently shutting down on a ride, guessed it was the sidestand and tricked it into neutral by grounding from the sidestand harness black to the neutral pin in the 2/3rd gear & neutral terminal under the engine fairing. That got me home.

-When I got home I wired in ~2k of resistance between the pink and black wires in the sidestand terminal - problem unchanged

-I used Tune ECU to verify that the ECU was seeing a sidestand down signal when the cutting out was occuring.

-I picked up a new OEM sidestand switch and replaced the bypass - problem unchanged

-I looked up the wiring and tracked down and thoroughly cleaned every terminal the sidestand wires go through (including the terminals on the ECU itself) with electrical contact cleaner and treated with dielectric grease - problem unchanged

Around this time I'm thinking I might continue the neutral workaround, but the idle has started to become unstable at times and the bike occasionally dies.

Now, it could be my mind playing tricks on me but I thought the TPS might have seemed a bit off last time I was in Tune ECU. Started thinking this might be related.
When I look at the wiring diagram it shows the blue wire (whatever that does) and the black (presumably ground) are shared with the primary and secondary TPS' and
some other sensors.

Does anyone have experience with this issue and/or know how to more thoroughly diagnose it? I can check ground continuity on black, but I don't see it tied to chassis ground anywhere, so not sure what it should read. I've also no idea what blue does, but I speculate it's voltage supply for the sensors. Lastly, I'm guessing the pink is to take voltage from blue when the sidestand is up. But, these are just my guesses.


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