Hello, New Member, Starting on a search for a Superduke 990

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Hello, New Member, Starting on a search for a Superduke 990

Postby PhilipV6 » Mon Jul 08, 2019 2:43 pm

Hello Everyone! :-) My names Phil and I’m in Glasgow, UK. I’ve been riding a Yamaha Thundercat for 10 yrs and I think it’s time for something new. The 990 Superduke really appeals to me, I love how it sounds (akrapovic) and looks. I’ve been looking around for more info, reading through the owners manual etc
I haven’t been able to test ride one, there hasn’t actually been any come up for sale near me. I’m going to have around 3500, looking for a 2005 – 2010 bike.

Few questions I had wonder if anyone could help:
How can you tell the bike has a full Akrapovic system/remap and not just a slip on?
Are there any major recalls or major service items on a 10 yr old Superduke I should be checking for?
Checking of service history, is it all paper or do KTM do online service records?
Chain maintenance, is the superduke easy to get on paddock stand/adjust chain with one person?

Any thoughts or advice on someone just starting on a 990 search would be much appreciated.

Hoping to join the Superduke club soon…..:-)

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Re: Hello, New Member, Starting on a search for a Superduke

Postby RichUK » Mon Jul 08, 2019 3:21 pm

Hi & welcome

The 990 SD with Akra's sounds awesome, it's one of the things I like it for.

£3500 is a bit low to be honest, you'll be looking at early ones (first gens) but to be honest you really want to be getting the face lifted version with the larger fuel tank, nicer headlight and more modern dash, and sometimes a black swing arm.
I think that is '07 onwards.

Full Akra's only came on 2007-2008 SDR's (I think), assume everything else just has rear slip on's. You might find an SD (non-R) with a full system, and if so it'll be written on it. Also newer SDR's don't have the better engine and exhaust.

Recalls - dunno.
Chain maintenance is nothing special, ABBA stand or paddock stand help.
Service history - all paper I'd say as many won't have kept up main dealer servicing.

Issues - water pump seals can fail at around 15-20K miles (mine went at 14k).
Valve clearances need checking every 9,300 miles (after the 1st service), so say at 10,000, 19,000, 27,000 miles - check it's been done.

Here is some good reading about the model history.


and here

https://ktmmad.wordpress.com/tag/histor ... uper-duke/

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Re: Hello, New Member, Starting on a search for a Superduke

Postby AGRO! » Sat Jul 13, 2019 12:52 am

Just get another Japanese bike :lol:

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