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Re: Fun & games with coolant level...

Postby RichUK » Thu Sep 12, 2019 8:23 am

Motogoon wrote:it wasn't too bad of a job to do but I also did my base gaskets at the same time as they were leaking oil and that did add a LOT of extra hours.

Is it possible to change a head gasket without removing the cylinder?
If it is then I will be leaving my base gaskets alone as they don't leak. Thing is I read that you have to remove the cylinder and thus also the piston so that you can separate the head from the cylinder as there are bolts that you can't access otherwise?

I'm planning to get started on this soon and have now ordered the think walled socket for the plugs and a cheap leak-down tester.
I'm hoping 100 psi in each cylinder should be enough to show which is leaking, and hopefully it's just one of them. If I can't prove it I'll just go ahead a change both like you did.


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