1290 Cam Chain Tension Fail

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1290 Cam Chain Tension Fail

Postby Gearhead » Sun Sep 08, 2019 9:51 am

I had a problem come up while replacing the valve shims on my 2014 SDR. While I had been warned of not getting the tensioner set right, I still screwed it up. I installed the tensioner for the front cylinder and felt like I had it set properly but didn't. I mean I heard a faint click and the chain went tight but While rotating the engine over I heard a clicking noise and then lock up. I stopped rotating at this point and pulled the tensioner out only to see that it was not set. Ugh! Now what?

I'm now thinking I'll need to pull the alternator cover for a look inside. In reading the manual, it looks like the torque limiter, idler and rotor need to come off to access the timing chain. What would I expect to see that the chain has done. It's tight and the cams will not come free the way it sits now. Would it be bunched up inside the case? Skipped a tooth? I'm just not sure at this point if the chain can be removed with only pulling the components mentioned on the left side or is it a bigger problem?

Thanks in advance.

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